Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Payton's 6 month update!

I still can't believe how unbelievable fast these past 6 months have gone by. We have gone from holding this precious little girl in our arms for the first time and having our hearts grow in love to loving her more and more everyday as we watch her turn into her own little person now.

 It already makes me sad to think in just 6 more fast months she will be ONE. And yes, I have already started planning her first birthday. haha! She is perfectly on target and hitting all of her milestones. So proud of her and all she can do.


Child's Age
6 months  

Mastered Skills              
 (Most Kids Can Do)          

 Turns toward sounds and voices - YES for awhile now                         
 Imitates sound - YES        
 Rolls over in both directions - YES             

Emerging Skills
(Half of Kids Can Do)

Is ready for solid foods - YES
Sits without support - YES
Mouths objects - YES
Passes objects from hand to hand - YES

Advanced Skills 
(A Few Kids Can Do)

Lunges forward or starts crawling - YES to lunging, NO crawling
Jabbers or combines syllables - YES
Drags objects towards herself - YES & grabs them out of her toy basket 


Weight: 15 lbs. 10 oz. - 50th percentile
Height:  26.5 in. - 75th percentile (Ped said she shot up, she went from 25% to 75% since last visit!!)
Head: Between 50-75th percentile so perfectly proportional

And her vaccines are delayed so she only got the 2nd round today.
Perfectly healthy, perfectly happy baby!

She did so well at the doctor's office for being very over-tired. We hated the shots, but let's be real...what kid doesn't? She was a trooper and back to smiling 2.5 seconds afterwards anyways. She had crap naps all day so after attempting a 3rd nap that she wouldn't go down for, we took her to the park. The weather here has been so nice (in the 60's) so we took full advantage.

Paytee Pie loved the baby swing but didn't know what to think about the slide. I think Layne and I had more fun, especially when we spotted this twirly do-da thing that Layne pushed Payton and I on. I could not stop laughing but Payton was not half as amused.

So we just stuck to the swings.

This smile is what my life is all about. Sometimes we just need to take a break from our everyday lives and enjoy the small simple things. "The best things in life are free."

On Sunday (her half-birthday) we ventured up to Grass Valley to visit my mother-in-law so Payton could see her Grandma! She lives about 40 minutes north of us, more in the mountains. I always love the drive and we always love visiting.

It was great getting to see her and Kristy and have a nice afternoon up there. We celebrated with Panda Express, cake, and ice-cream while watching some football and catching up. Recipe for a great day!

Payton lacked sleep but we managed to get through with just a few spurts of fussiness!!

On our drive home, we decided to take a different route and we ended up just going for a drive off a road less taken. It was beautiful and windy through the mountains. Of COURSE Layne loved it because we were in his super fast Mustang (that was for him).

Love & Smiles...Jackie

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