Friday, January 14, 2011

The end is near I fear

I thought I had a few more months before my little girl wanted to wean herself from nursing! Waaahhhh I hate pumping!!! I have been having to supplement with formula here and there during the day since my supply has dropped and now little one has lost interest. Who loses interest in a boob?! Luckily, during her middle of the night feedings she still likes to snuggle up to mom and comfort nurse. I am so sad though that we are having a tough time getting back to nursing more often. I think I will go sulk now. Or just indulge in my Carl's Jr. the hubby brought home!

Of course, she will eat her solid food like it's going out of style...

    Eating her green beans like a good girl.

    Oh and I just wanted to add...I was pumping while writing this blog and all 6 oz. fell and spilt all over the floor. I think I should get some type of mom award for that.

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