Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walking with Walker

This is my little girl, on the move. Not even 9 months old yet. I'm in trouble.

I got these Size 3 shoes at Once Upon a Child for $3.50. Steal.

I'm so happy the weather is outdoors worthy now. It looks like walks and trips to the park and lake are calling our names for more frequent visits, and I'm more than happy to oblige. I'm pretty sure Payton is getting bored here exploring the same old territory, when I find her playing with everything but her toys and just looking for trouble.

Her absolute favorite thing to play with is my laptop. I can't even get on it when I'm around her or she B-Lines straight for it and puts up quite a determined fight until she gets to pound away on the keys. I only let her do this due to the fact that my laptop is on its last leg anyways. Lately our days with her are filled with a lot of playful laughter and fun, amongst chase downs and some skillful hawk eye action on my part. Which she also participates in...

Happy Sunday!