Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

There is nothing sweeter than seeing this daddy/daughter duo together; The way they look at each other, cling to each other, and play together. She gets so upset when she knows her daddy is about to leave to go somewhere or do something. Sorta sad, a lot sweet. I secretly love it. I've heard a lot of people say a dad starts interacting more and attaching more when the baby is after a year old, when they can really start playing and talking to them. That is not the case here though. Layne fell in love Payton the moment he saw her. She has had us both wrapped around her little finger since day one. 

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  1. Hey, I'm following you back now! Super cute family, your daughter is beautiful! Those eyelashes are to die for, I'm so jealous. I'm up by Sacramento too, Rocklin actually, so we're pretty close. Nice to follow another Nor Cal mommy, love seeing all the Cali pics from SD and Monterey. We just got back from Santa Barbara, Cali is such a beautiful place.