Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Things

You know when there are those people who are too smart for their own good and you hate them for it? Lo and behold, that's my dear daughter. Of course I love her though. Girlfriend has tricks up her sleeves and sometimes I ponder how a 9 month old baby can know so much. I have worked with babies and kids for years; I've seen milestones after milestones, but when it comes to my own I am left bewildered, like I have just discovered some ancient wonder.

You always know your baby is going to grow up and do all sorts of amazing things. I'm sure to the next person hearing about what she ate or that she clapped is not really thrilling or amazing, like somebody winning American Idol would be. But it's all foundation. And like my husband says, "You're watching intelligence being born. What's more amazing than that?" Who knows, maybe I am holding a musical prodigy in my possession. It's the little things she picks up from us though (or doesn't) that make me a proud mama. One of my favorite things is seeing her wave. She moves her little fist sideways back and forth like a princess and I think it's so funny. I sure as hell don't wave like that, and I certainly don't think my husband does either.

It's things like pulling her arms out of the car seat straps when she knows she's getting out of the car, or putting her head down and pushing when she wants daddy to flip her upside down, or being able to open the door by a handle if we're holding her up. I am certainly not bragging by any means but I am proud, and I am proud to share. Babies should be praised for all they do because they grow and learn so much during that first year. And ehem, how cute are they?

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