Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ramblings of a SAHM

 I thought my life of mommyhood would bring tales of good humor, gross things, and heartwarming stories that I could share and blog about. Don't get me wrong, it is filled with these treasures, but life this week has been pretty mundane I guess you could say. It's been hard for me to get out of the daily routines and schedule winter had me on. The southern girl in me wants nothing to do with the outside world when it is even the slightest bit nippy outside. I am so happy the weather here has been gorgeous the last couple of days though. Now I have to re-figure out my days because I've been in such a slump. I have been overcome with fatigue and finding it hard to muster up enough energy or motivation to do anything I want to do or get done. And let me tell you, I have a whole wish list of things. Taking care of a baby 24/7 does not make it easy either. Little missy girl is my #1 priority though so I devote all hours of the day to her. When I finally get a moment to breathe and relax, that's exactly what I want to do. It's exhausting but completely worth it!

Today was one of those days. The most exciting part of the day was going shopping for baby food. Exciting, I know. We got a bundle of about 35 jars of baby food. At least we know someone won't be starving. Which by the way, we are almost back in full swing to nursing full-time again! A big hooray for that!

I do of course enjoy my days of fun and entertainment with my sweet P. Everyday holds something new and a new memory to cherish. Today she tried to get up on her knees and move forward which resulted in her "hopping" like a frog in one place. I seriously need a video of this. Something else she does is if you give her toys while she is in her highchair she will throw them on the ground, on purpose. Every. single. toy. I probably shouldn't find this amusing or funny, but it is. I'm okay with it because she gives me the cutest little smirk right afterwards. Little stinker!

And yesterday Layne was sick all day. It had been awhile, but boy did it sure make up for it. I remember when he was getting sick like that every week. It's hard to see him throwing up constantly, weak, cold sweats, unable to do anything. We figure certain things trigger a flare up (He has a very severe case of irritable bowel disease, among other things). It is getting easier to deal with now that we know what it is and how to try and treat the symptoms. He has lost around 40 lbs. in a matter of months. Some people would probably hate him for that. But that is just not healthy. I am with him "for better or for worse, and in sickness and in health." We prefer the 'for better' and 'in health' part though.

I think that's it for my late night ramblings. Now back to my daughter who won't sleep...I think I have my next blog topic in mind.


  1. aww little Payton Rose is gorgeous, how adorable! my little cousin is the same, with the throwing every single toy on the floor, and of all the toys he had, his favourite was a scrunched up piece of paper! i wonder why?! lol. Thanks for following my blog too, look forward to seeing your future posts!

  2. Thank you! I loved your blog, had to follow. :) Don't you just love how babies are amused by the smallest of things? I wish I was. lol Thanks for following as well!