Friday, February 25, 2011

Colds, Crawling, and Car Seats!

On Payton's 7 month birthday two days ago, she was off and crawling more like a baby and less like a handicapped frog. I have to admit I find it ridiculously cute to see her being semi-mobile now. She has learned to use her feet instead of knees to crawl on the wood floors because of course they give better traction. She is so determined to get to where she's going; I find it quite amusing and I encourage it. More power to her if she wants to go get the toy herself. Saves me a trip! 

She was also greeted with a very nasty cold that dad passed on to her. There is nothing worse than a sick baby, except a sick baby who can't sleep and therefore a mom who doesn't sleep.

I took her to the doctor's today because it was getting worse and the poor baby is miserable. She weighed the same as she did at her 6 month appt - 15 lbs. 14 oz. and is "perfectly fine". Perfectly fine, to them. They are not the ones who are constantly wiping her nose dry or having to hear her sad cough all through the night. They don't have to see her choking on food or crying constantly because she just wants to be comforted. I am happy that she doesn't have something worse like pneumonia, an ear infection, or dehydration. I just wish there was more we could do for her. I feel helpless. No one likes to be sick. I hate that fact that my little baby has to go through that misery. I would say I wish I could be sick for her, but I know it's inevitable. I'm pretty much doomed in fact. I think I'm going to go down a bottle of Vitamin C now because I feel the sore, scratchy throat coming on. I feel bad for anyone that is going to have to be around me if I get sick because I turn into death.

Her beautiful watery eyes.

Fuzzy kitty feet and tissues to help fight off the cold!
Well I guess for now it's just kisses & cuddles for our little love bug!

Oh and let me mention, we upgraded Payton to a big girl car seat yesterday. We got the Safety 1st Air Protect. I was getting tired of lugging that infant car seat everywhere so now she gets to ride in her fancy pancy new one that we L-O-V-E! She looks like such a big girl in it! We are going to be taking a 9 day trip down to Southern California next month so we definitely wanted a bigger car seat for the long travel.

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  1. That car seat was such a great investment much needed and quite cool looking lol. Good choice love :-)