Thursday, February 10, 2011

When things all come together

Recently I have been in a state of pure love filled bliss. It may be the gorgeous California weather, the upcoming trips we are getting to take, or the oxytocin hormone that is released every time I see my husband and daughter. Once I wake up out of my coma state of sleepiness I get to look forward to this...

Need I say more?

 Well if that's not enough...
Layne feels the need to excel his duties of awesome husbandness even more by CLEANING yesterday. I mean full out sorting laundry, sweeping, putting dishes away, picking up cleaning. Happy early Valentine's Day to me! He also let me continue sleeping that night because he knew how I exhausted I was and stayed up with Payton for over an HOUR until 3 AM. 

Oh the things that steal my heart now..

Sending the feely goodness of love your way! 

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