Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring is in the air.

Spring is a comin' and I am welcoming it with open arms. The sun-filled air and warm breezes are mother nature's gift to us all after cold winter days that seem to last forever. Spring welcomes a certain kind of calmness and comfortableness that I am quite fond of. It has its bipolar days like yesterday's rainy and cold nonsense. I'll take it though with the promise of a beautiful tomorrow.

I love California weather for the very reason that just an hour north of us (in the mountains) they could have snow while we are basking in sunny deliciousness. I also love the fact that we are surrounded by nothing but beauty. Within close proximity we can choose mountains or beach, city or seclusion.

But right now I am just soaking up all the good spring time feelings that March brings.

Blossoming flowers and trees.
Beautiful blue skies and bird songs.

Walks in the park with my little girl.

Dresses, barefeet, and all things cute and colorful.

The darling hat Grandma C got Payton for Christmas.

And best of all, with the beginning of spring comes another new beginning and chapter in our lives.

Little missy is well on her way to becoming a big girl and is now pulling up on objects and standing at any given chance she gets. In other words, at 12 AM when she should be sleeping she is standing...and playing. She's learned that this new trick brings mommy into the room a countless number of times. So, without fail, we are up for 2-3 hours straight at night wide awake. Not to mention the cute little alarm clock I get at 4-5 AM.  I am solely functioning in a sleepless daze of motherly love and coffee. Who wouldn't wish they were me?!

It makes my heart swell with love though to see her so happy with arms out and ready for me when she sees me walk in the room. Can't beat that mother/daughter unbreakable kind of love. It's a superhuman power. 

And it is just as equally heartwarming to see the complete adoration she has for her daddy - the playmate and protector.

Good news: we are all starting to feel back to our old selves. Yay. Sickness be gone!
Bad news: A laundry list of about a million things, including laundry. 

Happy Spring! At least for some of us. 

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