Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Update...and BIG news!

It is June 1st...when and how did that happen?! I'll tell you what though, this weather has me thinking it's February. Chilly, rainy, and windy. This not the summer weather I signed up for!! I just bought Payton the cutest little bathing suit and I am dying to see her in it. She loves to be outdoors and this dreary weather is kind of putting a damper on our summer activities.

In other news, Payton is over 10 months old now. That means her FIRST birthday is in less than 2 months. Holy bajeezus! I'm in desperate need of doing some party planning. I am thinking of doing a Hello Kitty theme because she is obsessed with cats. She has even learned to pet them "gently" and not tear all their hair out now. She doesn't watch any t.v. so there is nothing else she is really interested in.

At 10 months old she is now a little drama mama. If she is not happy about something or wants our full attention she will throw a little fit and then smile. Ha Ha! She loves to look at books, close and open things, be held and cuddled, and can put herself to sleep now at night with just a little help from mama. She even sleeps through the night now. {A big YAY!!} She finally has her first tooth and her other bottom one is about to come in. Basically she just makes everyday more wonderful.

She is also going to be a BIG SISTER!!!

Yep, I am pregnant again. 6 weeks along and we are thinking this one will be a boy! Although we would be equally happy with either. I haven't seen a doctor yet but I'm pretty sure I am due at the end of January. Which makes my babies about 18 months apart. I am so nervous, scared, and happy! Thankfully the only pregnancy symptoms I have are just being more emotional and at times fatigued. I had a pretty easy pregnancy with Payton so I am hoping for the same thing with this little cupcake!

I know that having my babies close in age will have its many difficulties and blessings, but I'm hoping the best part will be that they grow close to each other and become each other's best friend and playmate.  The thought of my first precious baby not having us all to herself in 9 months kind of hurts my heart. We have already discussed that we will make special time with each so they both always feel special. I love being a mommy and I can't wait to go on the adventure scary as it seems!


  1. congrats and hope you are feeling better.

  2. Congrats Girly! I have 2 at home still (one is 5 and one is 2 and half). The days are crazy, but so much fun!! My oldest will start kinder this fall and it is going to be so quiet (and weird) around here! Payton will have a playmate now!!

  3. congrats!! we are due January 26th (and I'm pretty certain it's baby boy #4) we are however waiting until the birthday to find out :) I just love baby news!!

  4. Thanks and congrats to you too!! I wish I had the patience to wait until the end to find out but I am too anxious, haha

  5. I've been enjoying your blog (found through baby center!). Congrats! Kinda jealous...wanting another one soon :)