Sunday, May 1, 2011

First official word.

So as I leave our bedroom today to go get Payton's paci, Layne comes running after me... "BABE! Payton just said her first word!!!" Now Payton is really good about mimicking...something we are going to have to really be careful about now it seems. As she was getting into Layne's guitars, he picked her up and told her 'No No No'.

Her reply?


That's right. My darling, sweet angel looked right into her daddy's face and flat out told him 'NO'. Clear as day. I kid you not. What proud parents we are. Ha Ha. I know it's not particularly good that she has already learned this word, but I could not stop laughing nonetheless. She sure is a character our little one.

She has babbled 'mama' and 'dada' and even made sounds that sound like 'hi' and 'kitty'. But this is her first word that was "clear as day" and used properly. We are usually pretty good about trying to use other vocabulary to tell her she shouldn't be doing something or to divert her attention. Lately though, she has been so grumpy, clingy, and just plain difficult. Sometimes that is all I have the effort of saying when she is throwing a fit constantly. I usually have A LOT of patience, but when I can't even get something to eat or go pee I am a little disgruntled. I thought this behavior was out of the norm for her and sure enough, as I felt her bottom gum line today I felt a little tooth about to pop through! My daughter is over 9 months old and still has no teeth yet. we're overdue.

I guess I am going to have a baby attached to my hip awhile longer until she feels better. Luckily Layne was home today and we were able to take her to the park for awhile which made for one happy baby {at least for more than 5 minutes! Wahoo!}


  1. This cracked me up! Xoxo Jackie I hope she gives you some peace soon God knows moms need 30 minutes here and there.
    Your fellow sleepless momma,

  2. Hi there thanks for following!!! Your little girl is so adorable.. 9 months such a fun age.My daughter didn't get any till about 9 months as well. Good luck with the teething!

  3. Little Peyton Rose is a cutie-patootie, for sure! What an adorable photo you have of her in your sidebar. She'll be saying a lot more than "NO" soon enough!

    I saw your blog at the Mingle Monday blog hop ~ happy to be your newest follower :)